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Ting Ting Head Massager 6

Ting Ting Head Massager 6

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Product Description

  • Massager for scalp, temples, & neck.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Relaxes stressed muscles.
  • Helps relieve aches & pains.

This handheld  device gently stimulates millions of nerve endings jon the scalp, as well as acupressure points that create a feeling of pleasant giggly goose-bumpy sensation.  It is alsogreat for other joints in your body where it will stimulate blood flow to ease pain and create relaxation.

Ting Ting Head Massager 6


Operation is simple! After inserting included "AA" batteries, move the individual legs apart in equal distance from each other. Then lower it on to yours or someone else's head.

Turn on the power by pressing on the power button in front of the massager. You can leave it soothing your scalp or move it gently up an down your scalp, temples, or neck. Be sure to watch out for your eyes.

Relax and rejuvenate yourself with 4 speed vibrations. 

Simply press repeatedly on the multi speed button to change to different vibrations.

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